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Jio Relience 4G Tower Pvt. Ltd. offers tower installation services to boost speed and network signals. Where data speed and reliability are concerned, we have the skills and tools to provide the most cost-effective solutions.

Who we are

We are fully aware of the struggles of data transmission from the source to consumers, which often result in a wide range of problems but, most especially, in productivity. Home clients end up dissatisfied with the network services provided, while businesses lose hundreds and thousands due to failure to meet deadlines and consumer needs.

Our Goal

Our goal is to bridge the gap from the source to clients through Jio Relience 4G Tower in the field, rooftop, market, plot, and wherever possible. Where there is a break in transmission, we aim to eliminate it and ensure a consistent and continuous data delivery.

Our Customers

Our customers’ list includes all the players in the Indian telecom sector. Our innovative solutions have resulted in enhanced efficiencies, which in turn have reduced costs for our customers, giving them the chance to participate in India’s infrastructure build-out.


Being JIO Reliance Tower CompanyLandlord is not just about a lucrative means to earn extra income, it is an opportunity to participate in india's infrastructure build out, a chance to help connect, through improved coverage, a billion lives...... and transform them.

Welcome to the JIO Reliance 4G Tower Family "Property Owners" page. Our leading position in the industry would not be possible without the mutually beneficial relationships, we have cemented with over a 100,000 land owners. We would like to extend our relationships with prospective landlords, as we continue to jointly enhance the connectivity of India.


Our Vendors are valued partners in our business development and we work with them in a spirit of mutual co-operation to meet our business objectives.

Vendor Development and Strategic Sourcing is a part of the Corporate Supply Chain Management (SCM) Department. SCM identifies the vendors, rates the vendors based on feedback received from the Vendor Development Cell, sends Request for Proposal, drawings/ specifications, calls for quotes with detailed break- up of operation-wise costs, and negotiates the price at which the products will be supplied.


JIO Reliance Tower Company's policy is to develop a vendor base committed to continuous improvement to meet quality, cost and delivery standards. JIO Reliance Tower Companyconsiders its vendors as partners in progress and believes in establishing mutually beneficial long term relationships. JIO Reliance Tower Companyprovides necessary assistance in all areas of operation to maintain competitive cost & quality levels.

Becoming a Vendor to Jio Relience 4G Towers is easy, involving just five steps

  1. The first step involves filling the Questionnaire, which provides the basic inputs required for preliminary study. It is a three- stage approval process wherein approval to the next level is on the basis of evaluations done by the Vendor Development and Strategic Sourcing Team.
  2. If Jio Relience 4G Towers needs the product you would like to supply, the Vendor Development Cell (VDC) will contact you for an on-site assessment. Otherwise, the Vendor information would be stored for future reference.
  3. If the assessment meets the criteria, JIO Reliance Tower Companywill send the Request for Proposal, drawings and specifications to you for obtaining a quotation. In case of any gaps in the assessment meeting our requirements, you would be given adequate feedback and a resurvey would be undertaken.
  4. If JIO Reliance Tower Company's expectations are met in terms of price, quality and delivery, then we would place a trial order. JIO Reliance Tower Companywill carry out the inspection of the trial lot before dispatch. Based on the outcome of the trial order, JIO Reliance Tower Companywill place you in the Approved Vendor List and Rate Contract proceedings would be initiated.
  5. Monthly allocations shall be given depending upon demand forecast, ongoing performance and price, considering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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